Ants Planet: Binance Smart Chain’s first sociological token

Ants Planet is a BSC protocol initiated by Ants Network Labs that rewards FIL holders to stake FILs and earn Ants Planet’s token (NPT) as an incentive for Credit Behaviors.

Ants Network Labs aims to create more innovative human experiment to test whether tokenized mechanism can help solve problems in sociology and achieve the goal that to build an efficient global network for digital society.

How to get the Game on?

The Steps to Join the Credit Plan:

Import a valid FIL address, no need to pledge FIL and just keep holding a specified number of FIL, then you will get NPT as token rewards.

The Periods to Form the Credible Behavior:

The system designed three key numbers: 21, 90 and 180, which means 21 days to build up a habit, 90 days to keep it, and 180 days to complete the agreement. These numbers are designed with human nature to better develop self-restraint.

Supported Currency:

Currently, only Filecoin (FIL) is supported, and more tokens will be supported when it reaches 500K participants.

Minimum Balance:

The minimum amount of FILs is greater than 0.25

On June 1, 9:00 AM (UTC/GMT-4), stake FIL to earn NPT on BSC!

Binance Smart Chain’s first sociological token Experiment — a human-weak-tie network to form credible behaviors with token incentives

7 days count down before the first Airdrop

- Airdrop Token: NPT

- Start date: June 1, 2021 9:00 AM (UTC/GMT-4)

- Discord community:

- Website:

- Whiter paper:

- How to start: make a pledge only 0.25FIL to continue the mining

- Maximum supply: 10 billion

ANTS Planet is a protocol that rewards token holders for "Keep Promise".